Business Space


Flexible Design
Durasein® is able to produce sheets with a width up to 1520mm and thickness from 4mm to 30mm. Seamless joint and various specifications enable on-site cutting for projects, providing unlimited possibilities for designers. It has the capability to prevent bateria or dirt, offering you a hygenic and clean environment.
Durasein® solid surface is strong enough to stand constant use, without delamination problem. Its uniform colors and patterns are existed in the entire thickness of the material and will not fade away.
Easy to Maintain
Thanks to the seamless joint feature, Durasein® solid surface can be repaired easily even if it is damaged by graffiti. The repair will not cause any trace.
Easy to Clean
Durasein® solid surface is resistant to stains, scratches, and mildew. It can be cleaned simply by water and soap, thus becoming a pratical and sanitary helper for the bathroom cleaning.
The easy-cleaning surface leaves no space for baterial, offering you a hygenic and safe space. It is suitable to be used in hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, and other public areas where there is high requirement for sanitation.
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