Countertops & Kitchen


Seamless Joint
Durasein® is able to produce sheets with a width up to 1520mm and thickness from 4mm to 30mm. Seamless joint and various specifications enable on-site cutting for projects, providing unlimited posibilities for designers. It has the capability to prevent bateria or dirt, offering you a hygenic and clean environment.
Our material has passed NFP92-501 Fire Resistance Test of Building Material and reaching M2 low flammable standard. It is certified as a safe material by French LNE Testing Center. Due to this superior feature, it is widely used in kitchen, wall cladding and public areas.
The high density surface is able to prevent sauce, acid, alkali or colors from penatrating into the material. It is easy to keep the countertop clean and new.
Various Color
Durasein® offers a wide range of colors and has strong capability on new color matching. Durasein® solid surface can be combined perfectly with different colors or with other materials, such as stainless steel, leather and wood.
Durasein® solid surface is waterproof material that suits to be applied in wet or humid places or where occasionally has contact with water, such as kithcen, bathroom and facade.
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