Durasein Solid Surface
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Story of Durasein

Durasein is a pure acrylic brand under Guangzhou Relang Industrial Co.,Ltd. It is arising from the transliteration of Durasein, as is drawn from two Western words, namely Durable and Stein (meaning stone). Durasein is devoted to bringing arts and healthier enviornment to household and commercial space.

As a pure acrylic artificial stone, Durasein® Solid Surface features extensive application scope. Its products have fine thermoforming performance, strong plasticity, diversified colors and jade-like hand feeling other than superior advantages of seamless splice, dust resistance, bacteriostat and shock prevention, which would live up to demands of any modes in any space and thus serve as best materials for designers to unfold infinite inspiring creativities and realize harsh demands on space aesthetics and utility function.

Features of Durasein ® Solid Surface

Seamless Joint
For it is manufactured by the most advanced sustainable steel belt teeming lines in the globe, the width of Durasein® Solid Surface would reach 1.52m in its maximum. Seamless joint would also realize perfect effects and provide infinite design possibilities, as you can piece them together in the construction site.
Durasein® Solid Surface features fine thermoforming performance, which can undergo thermal forming under certain temperatures and thus be made into various 2D or 3D effects. It can also undergo production of knurling effects by adopting thermoplastic emboss technologies.
Transmission of Light
The performance of semi-transmittance of light in Durasein® plays an extraordinary performance in tint, as many designers are applying Durasein® Solid Surface for lighting or luminous effects.
Rich Color
We can help realize any color you can possibly think of in mind. We tend to adopt multiple-color joint inlay to add brilliance to it and meanwhile, it can be combined with other materials such as metal, wood, stone and so on for designing and manufacturing.
High Durability
Durasein® Solid Surface can effectively resist abrasion and keep out most damage including scratch or cut wounds in commonly tangent places. Its machinery performance, heat conduction properties, conductivity and others have been tested.
Safety and Sanitation
As a non-porous material, Durasein® Solid Surface is even in texture that can realize seamless contiguity so as to ensure hygiene and safety of plane materials and prevent breeding of bacteria or fungus. Durasein® Solid Surface has passed international certificates of NSF, ISO, ISFA, SGS and so on and is a new environmental architectural material.
Durasein® Solid Surface is renewable, which indicates that simple use of soft grinding detergent and abrasive cloth can help the undergoing of restoration. For example, the burning trace of cigarette can be removed by this approach. Damage caused due to use shall be restored by simple on-the-spot operation without the need to remove materials.
Inside Equals Outside
Durasein® is even in color and pattern texture that runs through the whole plate and such the case as color fading shall not occur. Durasein® is an entity material that cannot be delaminated.
Durasein® is non-toxic and would not cause allergy. Under normal temperatures, it would not emit other volatile matters. When burning, it mainly releases carbohydrate and film without toxic gases. Due to these fine properties, it can be extensively applied in public squares and some sensitive realms such as airport, hospitals as well as walls and work tables of hotels etc.
Environmental Protection
During its production process, Durasein® strictly observes green environmental indicators and has passed top-standard test on indoors volatile matters in the US and thus got GreenGuard certificates. With its long life cycle, Durasein® shall be free from replacement during its guarantee period, which is easily restored and repaired and thus would effectively decrease loss, reduce costs and generate hyper-normal economic proceeds.