Various Color
Durasein® offers a wide range of colors and has strong capability on new color matching. Durasein solid surface can be combined perfectly with different colors or with other materials, such as stainless steel, leather and wood.
Fine & Smooth
Made of pure arcrylic, Durasein® solid surface is fine and smooth. It is applicable to various designs, yet impressing you with clean, good and elegant features.
Flexible Design
Durasein® is able to produce sheets with a width up to 1520mm and thickness from 4mm to 30mm. Seamless joint and various specifications enable on-site cutting for projects, providing unlimited posibilities for designers. It has the capability to prevent bateria or dirt, offering you a hygenic and clean environment.
Durasein® solid surface is strong enough to stand constant use, without delamination problem. Its uniform colors and patterns are existed in the entire thickness of the material and will not fade away.
Easy to Clean
Durasein® solid surface is resistant to stains, scratches, and mildew. It can be cleaned simply by water and soap, thus becoming a pratical and sanitary helper for the bathroom cleaning.
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